Hi, I'm Eddie!

Amazon SEO Copywriter & FBA Seller

Product Listings Using Psychographics

Quick, let’s do a virtual seance!

Dim the lights, spark the candles, break out the ouija board. 

Now…breathe in….breathe out….we must channel…….Bob Ross!

You’ve got a mission. Masterfully guide the customer to paint a picture. A vision of life with your product in it. 

But how?

You need to know your audience. I mean REALLY know them. 

What makes them itch like poison ivy? What thirst would they cross the Sahara to quench? How do you make them look at your product like Kanye looks at Kanye?

After you take a look at my portfolio, you’ll see that I utilize the power of PSYCHOGRAPHICS. That’s just a fancy word for understanding someone.

Entrancing them into a daydream. Keeping their eyes glued to every word. Pushing hot buttons until they smash “buy now”!

When you work with me, I’ll do deep-dive market research to get to know your audience. 

I’ll watch their YouTube videos, read their blog posts, and check out your competitor’s reviews. All these things help me understand your audience’s pain points, wants, and language choices. 

Then, I’ll write a listing to target them. Want to find out more? 

Let’s chat.