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Quick Dry Pajama Pants for Men – Performance Stretch Fabric Pjs – Comfy, Tapered Fit 
Bullet Point #1
PERFORMANCE SLEEPWEAR – Good sleep is essential for productivity. Without it, we are groggy and fatigued throughout the day.  That’s why our mens pajama pants are crafted with high-performance fabric. They are sewn with the same material as our athletic apparel. This enhances your comfort, allowing for the best rest possible. 
Bullet Point #2
MOISTURE WICKING TECH – Waking up drenched in sweat is the worst! With dry fit fabric, these pajama bottoms absorb and evaporate perspiration. This keeps your legs cool and dry throughout the night. 
Bullet Point #3
LIGHTWEIGHT AND BREATHABLE – To get a full night of sleep, you need to be comfortable. Most mens pajama bottoms trap too much heat. That’s why ours are thin and allow airflow. Combined with a soft finish, you’ll feel cozy and relaxed. 
Bullet Point #4
4-WAY STRETCH FABRIC – After a great night’s rest, it’s time to conquer the day! With our mens pajamas, easily stretch, meditate, or do some yoga. The stretch-fabric optimizes any morning activity! And the tapered fit means the ends won’t drag on the floor. The elastic waistband is flexible, yet tightens gently to keep your pants from sliding. It’s branded with “Three Sixty Six” for a cool aesthetic.  
Bullet Point #5
ANTI-ODOR – Let’s be real, does anyone wash their pj pants after one use? No! But the 3-night stench becomes obvious. So, ours are finished with anti-odor tech. This prevents bacteria from forming, which stops foul smells before they start. Feel free to wear these sleep pants a few nights in a row. 
Buy Risk-Free With No-Hassle Returns 
Shopping for clothes online can be stressful. 
-What if I don’t like the color or style?  
-What if it doesn’t fit? 
-Won’t the return process be annoying? 
Here at Three Sixty Six, we get it. That’s why we offer full 100% refunds on ALL returns for ANY reason. You can return it back to Amazon, no questions asked. It’s a super easy process that you access right from your account. 
Who Says Performance Wear Is Just For Athletics? 
Most people don’t give a second thought to their pjs But take a moment to think…
Most men pajama pants:
-Leave you all sweaty in the middle of the night
-Trap too much heat around your legs
-Drag all over the floor 
-Fall down if the waistband is too loose 
-Aren’t great for morning physical activity 
-Stink after 2 or 3 uses 
All these issues can lead to discomfort and choppy sleep. That’s why we set out to design PERFORMANCE pajamas for men!
Our mens lounge pants: 
-Whisk sweat away before it accumulates 
-Are breathable – keeping you nice and cool  
-Have a tapered fit to keep the ends from dragging
-Has an elastic waistband that tightens gently, keeping your pants from sliding down. 
-Sewn with stretch fabric to allow physical activity 
-Are anti-odor, stopping stench before it forms
-Is branded with “Three Sixty Six” for a cool look  
With these features, our men pj pants will revolutionize the way you rest. You’ll get better, fuller, more optimal sleep. This allows you to tackle each day and every day! 
Pick a pair that fits your style. Choose from a variety of solid colors! 
Sleep, Eat, Perform, Repeat…Buy Today!