Kitchen Item Amazon Copywriting
Title: Keep Food Fresh – Gallon Size Vacuum Zipper Bags – Vacuum Food Sealer Bags – Food Storage Reusable Bags with Double-layer Zippers Design, BPA free, Set of 18
Bullet Points:
SO FRESH, SO CLEAN – Are you tired of wasting food? Well, seal it up and keep for 5X longer. Meat & fish for days. Luscious fruits & veggies. Hearty left-over nights!  
BON APPETIT – Discover a French secret! When you cook Sous Vide style, food is heated all the way through. An EVEN doneness. The steak emerges JUICY & PINK, every time!
STOP CHUCKING GRUB – Our double-layer zipper bags protect your food. Designed for durability, they won’t succumb to freezer burn. Microwave safe too!
NO MORE STENCH – You walk over to the fridge. You open it and are hit with a wave of mixed odors. UGG..Never again! When you use our vacuum food bags, you’ll enjoy a scentless aroma. 
TIME AFTER TIME – We all hate single-use sealer bags. That’s why ours were designed and tested for multiple uses.  Kinder for Mother Earth and your wallet! They won’t last forever, but can be utilized several times.
Product Description:
Traditional cooking uses high and fluctuating temperatures.  Just a moment of inattention and perfection can slip your grip.
When you try the Sous Vide method, you will free yourself from the tyranny of the clock! 
 Sous Vide means “under vacuum” in French. With it, you will achieve accurate temperature control. Finally, you can breathe! Some extra cooking time won’t hurt the end result. 
 The food is immersed in a fully humid environment. Making for eats that are juicier and more tender. 
Feed your family well! 
The deterioration of food is mainly caused by microbial activities. Most microbial activities require oxygen. By reducing the oxygen content, vacuum packaging extends shelf life.
-18 pcs Gallon-Size Vacuum Bags, Size:(10″W x 13-3/8“L)1.06 US Gal.
-The minimum temperature that these vacuum sealer bags can withstand is 14F 
-The maximum temp is 212F 
-Packs fresh meat, fish, beans, vegetable, fruits, medicine, capsicum, chicken, coolies, dry food lunches, leftovers, snacks, etc